Vy is a sustainable main partner to Ski Tour 2020

Traveling is a major part of modern life today. But travel, as well as the way we choose to travel, has a major impact on the climate. Thanks to the partnership with Vy, one of the largest transport companies in the Nordic countries, Ski Tour 2020 is able to greatly reduce the Tour´s impact on the climate by allowing competitors and their teams to travel environmentally-friendly.

Photo: Vy/Mads Kristiansen

Ski Tour 2020 is happy to present Vy as a main partner. A partnership that gives Ski Tour 2020 an opportunity to reduce its impact on both climate and environment, as well as inspiring future international winter sport events.

– Thanks to the partnership with Vy we can make our goal for all competitors to travel by train between the stages in Sweden and Norway a reality. Vy also gives us access to modern and sustainable bus park for traveling in and between the venues, says Guri Knotten Hetland, CEO of Ski Tour 2020.

The state-owned transport company changed its name from NSB to Vy in April 2019. The Vy Group includes around 10 000 employees and operates busses and trains in both Norway and Sweden.

The company name Vy can be translated to “view”. But for Vy the meaning of the name includes a vision of creating sustainable and high-quality transport solutions. In 2018, the company provided 190 million trips by train and bus in Norway and Sweden. Vy wants more people to travel together, and that the increasing amount of transportation should consist of public transport.

– Vy wants to offer solutions not only between bus- and train stations, but from where you are to where you are going. By offering good solutions, it will be even easier to choose public transportation and travel environmentally-friendly, says Merete Møystad, Marketing Director at Vy.

Traveling, whether for work or recreation, plays a significant part in the CO2 emissions caused by mankind. As one of the largest transport companies in the Nordic countries, Vy has the opportunity to influence how people choose to travel and thereby reduce the climate impact. This by helping people make sustainable travel choices in their everyday life.

– For example, one train can replace as many as 600 cars during rush hour. It shows how important it is that we travel together and that there are solutions in place for people who choose not to drive a car, says Merete Møystad.

Sustainability is an important part of Vy's vision of “The best journey” which is part of the company's corporate strategy. “The best journey” consists of four elements: the smart journey, the green journey, the safe journey and the profitable journey. To reach “The best journey”, Vy takes strategic help with new technology. An example is a car-sharing service in the form of a car fleet consisting of electric cars. Cars that everyone with the app “Din Bybil” can use. A venture that has been part of Vy's goal to make it easier to live in Oslo without owning a car.

– We are also looking at how the different public transport offers can complement each other, to create a seamless experience. Including when the trip is planned and the tickets are purchased. We do this as well as developing new solutions, such as Bybil, says Merete Møystad.

During Ski Tour 2020, Vy will contribute with both bus and train transportation.

It is mandatory for all competitors to take the train between the different stages of the Tour in order to participate in the next competition. Vy also encourages anyone who can to use the bus or train-service that Vy offers to and from the arrangements.

– When Ski Tour 2020 contacted us with the plan to organize an environmentally-friendly tour, we did not need a long time to consider. The company and the community around us have to think about the environment and sustainability in everything we do and we have the supply needed to transport the competitors in an environmentally-friendly way. That is why we look forward to this collaboration, as well as some great competition days in Sweden and Norway, says Merete Møystad.

Guri Knotten Hetland agrees.

– We are very proud to have Vy as a partner. In addition to the fact that the train transport for our competitors has a lesser impact on the climate, it also has other important values for us. The fact that all practitioners are on the same train helps to reduce inequalities between nations, she says.

As the stages of the Ski Tour 2020 take place in connection to the railway between Östersund and Trondheim, public transport is encouraged for the audience as an excellent alternative to travel between the different stages of the tour.