Tour 2020 AB

Tour 2020 AB is a company owned by the Swedish Ski Association and the Norwegian Ski Association. The company is responsible for Ski Tour 2020 Sweden-Norway. CEO: Guri Knotten Hetland E-Mail:

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Stage 1 and 2 in Östersund and stage 3 in Åre are run by Sportkompaniet AB.

Chief of LOC: Ante Andersson

Chief of Competition Östersund: Mattias Persson

Chief of Competition Åre: Henrik Ilhamn

Stage 4 crossing the border from Storlien in Sweden to Meråker in Norway is run by the sport club IL Varden Meråker.

Chief of LOC: Mary Ann Myhre

Chief of Competition Östersund: Tor-Arne Hetland

Stage 5 and 6 in Granåsen Skisenter in Trondheim is run by Granåsen Aktivum AS.

Chief of LOC: Stian Eckhoff

Chief of Competition Östersund: Arne Otto Vedvik