Protect Our Winters becomes a new partner to Ski Tour 2020

We are proud to present Protect Our Winters as a new partner to Ski Tour 2020. As a part of a global organization, they work to unite the world of snow sports in the battle against climate change, and to protect and preserve our winters.

Foto: 1. Protect Our Winters/2. Martin Riseth

The non-profit organization Protect Our Winters (POW) brings winter athletes, snow lovers and outdoor enthusiasts together to protect the places they love and the lifestyle they have against climate change.

An effort that Ski Tour 2020 wants to support by inviting the Swedish organization of POW to become a partner, to inspire each other in the work for a climate friendly ski world.

"Ski Tour 2020 is working for and hopes to inspire other winter sports events around the world to be more environmentally friendly. That is why we are proud to collaborate with an organization that takes a love for skiing, sports and the climate seriously" says Guri Knotten Hetland, CEO of Ski Tour 2020.

The Swedish organization is part of the global network Protect Our Winters, that was founded in 2007 by the American professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones. Since then, the organization has grown into a global movement with local offices in more than 15 countries, including the USA, Austria, France, Finland, Germany, the UK, Norway and Switzerland.

Since its beginning in Sweden 2016, POW has been a present part in alpine winter sports, not least through its climate ambassadors, for example free skiers Evelina Nilsson, Johan Jonsson and Lucas Stål Madison. The organization was also as a partner to the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019. But Pow Sweden is now taking the next step by expanding into the arena of cross-country sport, which is a part of the organizations long term strategy.

"Ski Tour 2020 feels like the ultimate forum for us to kick-start this strategy to reach more people with our messages and our work - to unite the winter- and outdoor community to fight for our planet" says Joel Lundberg, Chairman, Protect Our Winters Sweden.

POW wants winter- and outdoor sports to reduce their own climate impact and become a strong voice in the public debate. They want to inspire and engage individuals, companies, organizations and politicians to take a stand and protect the future of winters.

"All different branches and parts of winter sports must come together and speak with one voice, while switching to fossil-free and sustainable formats together" says Joel Lundberg.

Sustainability is a key word for Ski Tour 2020, as the organizers wants to set examples for future winter sports events. Reducing the tours climate footprint is an important part of this and the organizers behind the tour have taken several steps in trying to do so. Mandatory train travel between the stages is one example. The tour also aims to minimize the number of snow mobiles and piste machines powered by fossil fuels, as well as serving locally produced food at the competition venues.

"We were incredibly happy when we heard about this and think it's a step in the right direction. It sets a good example for winter competitions overall and shows that it is possible to reduce the impact on the planet and still be able to arrange big events, by doing relatively simple things" says Joel Lundberg.