Stage 2: Norway continues to impress in Östersund

Pål Golberg and Therese Johaug took first place in the second stage of Ski Tour 2020, 15/10 km pursuit in Classic technique in Östersund.

Photo: Martin Riseth

There was a replay in the Norwegian triple on the women's podium after the second stage of Ski Tour 2020. Therese Johaug could not be stopped, despite a heavy snowfall, and finished with 57.4 seconds ahead of Heidi Weng.

Weng and Invild Flugstad Østberg had to fight for the best spots in the following group with Swedish racer Ebba Andersson who set the pace but lost the final stretch towards the finish to Weng (2nd) and Flugstad Østberg (3rd).

The men were first out in today's stage and did not fight the same snowfall, but had dry and fast conditions on the course. Norwegian Pål Golberg won after an exciting sprint settlement against Russian Alexander Bolshunov. Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget, Norway, climbed eight places in the pursuit and finished 3rd.

Now Ski Tour 2020 continues to Åre and the third stage, the sprint in free technique in the alpine ski slope on February 18.