Six days of racing in five different locations across the border of two countries. Ski Tour 2020 will be a unique experience. We wish all media representatives welcome to Ski Tour 2020/ Coop FIS Cross Country World Cup.

In February 2020, the Cross Country World will look to the Mid-Scandinavian Ski Region to follow the best skiers as they compete in five different venues, while crossing the border from Sweden to Norway. The Swedish and Norwegian Ski Associations, historical rivals but also close friends, will launch a tour that will be remarkable in more than one way.

The official opening ceremony will take place in Östersund Friday February 14, 2020. After two days of racing in Östersund the tour will move on to Åre, Storlien-Meråker and, finally, Trondheim. The race program is demanding, starting with two race days in Östersund and continuing with a challenging sprint set in the Swedish National Alpine Arena in Åre. In the long-distance race from Storlien to Meråker, the athletes will cross the border between Sweden and Norway. It will mark a historical event as it will be the first time that a World Cup Race cross international borders. The final legs of the tour will take place in Trondheim.

Ski Tour 2020 wish to set an example for future organizers by focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. By making all athletes take the train between the different locations, minimizing the number of transports and maximizing the use of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives, Ski Tour 2020 will take every measure possible to minimize its carbon dioxide footprints. That also means that the organizer will set a high standard for themselves, their partners, the athletes and their teams.

We are looking forward seeing you in Östersund, Åre, Storlien, Meråker and Trondheim in February!