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Welcome to Ski Tour 2020

Six days of racing in five different locations across the border of two countries. Ski Tour 2020 will be a unique experience. We wish you all welcome to Ski Tour 2020/ Coop FIS Cross Country World Cup.

Sustainability philosophy in Ski Tour 2020.

Sustainability is important for Ski Tour 2020 and the organisation wants to inspire future winter sport events by making an effort.

It is about doing what is possible at every stage of the tour, as well as every part of the organization. Instead of setting high goals that cannot be achieved, Ski Tour 2020 is investing in making the changes that can have an effect – because they are being implemented. That includes putting demands not only on the tour organization, but also on partners, riders and teams.

The organization is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It includes a number of actions linked to six of the goals that Ski Tour 2020 will take together with its partners (good health and well-being, gender equality, reduced inequalities, industry, innovation and infrastructure, climate action and partnership of the goals). Focusing on sustainability and awareness of the environment is a way to raise awareness for our partners, employees as well as the international ski community.

It is all about focusing on what can be done. Ski Tour 2020 wants to set an example for future organizers of winter sporting events, both by finding new solutions, moving away from the traditional and established way of doing things and by raising the awareness.

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